About white fillings

Most people need fillings at some point in their lives. The good news is that fillings don’t just have to provide a functional result, we will ensure that your fillings are natural looking as well. Unlike the traditional silver fillings, white fillings have distinct advantage as they cannot be seen when you laugh or smile.

White fillings are different to silver fillings, as they stick to the teeth, which means that they can also be used to repair teeth that have been chipped, broken or decayed.

White fillings come in a range of shades to closely match your existing tooth colour which gives a totally natural appearance.

At 35DP, we use the best composite material available. Our clinicians use a hand sculpted technique and have access to a variety of shades to achieve a completely natural look.

The cost of white fillings depends on the size of the cavity in the tooth and the time required to carry out treatment.

Usually, a white filling can completed within one appointment lasting 30-45 minutes. Following treatment, you will be able to use the restored tooth straight away as white fillings are set during your appointment using a UV light. Our fees for white fillings range from £120 – £330