Sport Mouth Guard

Any sportsperson will be aware of the need to protect their teeth during contact sport. We offer a range of protective gum shields (mouth guards) to minimise the risk of damage through sport related injury. Mouth guards are a great way to protect children who are receiving Orthodontic treatment from accidental injury whilst playing sport or during recreational activities.

Standard mouth guards are usually flat which causes them to move around in the mouth and become displaced.

At Devonshire Place Dental Practice, we work closely with our laboratory to create a mouth guard to meet your individual needs and expectations whilst still providing you with the protection you need. Mouth guards can also be customised to match your team colours or clear.

Michigan Splint

Excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching (also known as Bruxism) while sleeping is a very common problem and can result in headaches, poor sleep quality, stress, damage to teeth, tooth wear and can even damage dental restoration work.

A Michigan splints acts as a protective barrier and can be worn day and night and can effectively reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching. A Michigan Splint is not a full mouth guard, it is a comfortable solution which covers the first four top front teeth and acts a cushioning device when you clench your teeth.

  • Hugo Lewis, Professional Polo Player May 2017

    As a professional polo player I have always been concerned about the risk of damaging my teeth. I have never wanted to wear one as I thought it would stop me from communicating properly with my team and may effect my breathing. 35dp have customised a slim and stylish mouth guard that is comfortable and eradicates these problems. I would highly recommend them to any sportsperson.

    Hugo Lewis, Polo Player wearing a customised coloured mouth guard
  • Tom Garner, Professional Jockey June 2017

    Really impressed with the mouthguard supplied by Devonshire Place. From
    the ease of having it fitted to the comfort when wearing it. It’s a lot different to any mouth guard I’ve used in the past, it is lightweight with the same protection allowing me to breathe and communicate which is very important whilst race riding! I would have no hesitation to advising anyone riding horses in any sphere or playing any contact sports to get one which is manufactured to such a high standard.

    Tom Garner, Professional Jockey
Treatment Price Additional Information
Customised mouth guard fee £125 - £280
Michigan Splint fee £350 - £500