What is a crown

A crown is a ‘cap’ that fits over the entire surface of the tooth. The process of making a crown involves trimming the tooth down to the desired shape. Impressions of the tooth preparation are then taken. From the impressions, the laboratory can construct the crown.
Once made, a crown is fitted over the tooth surface and bonded in place using special dental cements. The shape, size, colour and surface characteristics of a crown are closely matched to the surrounding teeth. They are fabricated by master ceramists to the highest possible standards and once fitted, provide a seamless and permanent restoration to a tooth.

Crowns can last for many years and are necessary for a number of reasons:

  • To restore heavily broken down teeth
  • To restore heavily filled teeth
  • To give form to broken or unusually shaped teeth
  • To treat discoloured teeth
  • To realign crowded or spaced teeth

A Bridge has been used for many decades to replace lost teeth or to restore pre-existing gaps. Put simply, Bridge consists of more than one crown unit joined together and are fitted over existing teeth and toothless spaces.
Bridges are constructed from similar materials to crowns. They are permanent restorations although in many cases, they have now been superseded by the use of dental implants to replace toothless spaces.

Picture of bridge treatment
Bridges are often used in place of dental implants to replace toothless spaces.

Your dentist may recommend that you need a crown or bridge, this involves a first appointment which will last about an hour to prepare for the first stage. Impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory.

Your second appointment will be booked for about two weeks after to fit the laboratory made crown or bridge, and to ensure that the colour match and bite is accurate. This will last about 30-45 minutes.

The cost of a crown or bridge depends on the recommendation made by your Dentist and also your preference of material; gold, metal, porcelain bonded to metal, ceramic, E-Max (all porcelain).

We charge between £950-£1,200 for Crowns & Bridges (bridges are charged per tooth unit)